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Fish Veterinarian Services

Dr. Martinez is able to make house calls based on scheduled appointments. A client information sheet will be emailed with detailed questions about the aquarium, food, filters, etc. An initial consultation visit will be performed, then follow-up diagnostics, treatment, and recommendations will be based upon the consultation/visit. 

  • House and Pond Visits

Dr. Martinez will examine/treat individual fish or a group of fish in an aquarium all the way to an entire pond. Pricing may vary with Pond visits

  • Sedated physical examination

Chemical immobilization of the fish to allow proper hands-on physical examination. Sedation decreases stress associated with examination and allows for diagnostics to be performed with minimal to no complications.

  • Skin scrape, gill clip, and fin clip

Baseline diagnostics performed under chemical immobilization to look for infectious pathogens; i.e. external parasites. A skin scrape is achieved by gently scraping the mucous layer of the body. Gill biopsy is achieved by excising a small portion of the outer edge of the gills. A fin biopsy is achieved by cutting a small portion of the outer edge of the fin (pectoral, dorsal, tail, etc.). These samples are placed on a glass slide and evaluated microscopically.

  • Microscope evaluation

Utilized to evaluate samples from skin scrape, gill biopsy, fin biopsy, blood smears, cytology, etc. I have the ability to save images and take video of any findings for review and education.

  • Ultrasound (depending on size) 

Ultrasound examination of the coelomic (abdominal) cavity to evaluate internal organarchitecture, identify sex, and examination of reproductive status.

  • Necropsy  

Examination of freshly deceased animals. Gross examination and microscopic examination by Dr. Martinez. In addition to sending out samples to outside laboratory for histopathology, bacteriology, and other advanced diagnostic tests. 

  • Minor surgical procedures

Perform surgical repairs of lacerations, fin repairs, removal of tumors/growths and internal surgery for organ biopsies, etc. 

  • Hematology 

Obtaining blood for evaluation of bloodwork (CBC and chemistry profiles) by an outside laboratory. Ability to evaluate blood smears with microscopy. 

  • Water Quality testing       

Testing water quality parameters in conjunction with baseline diagnostics is necessary for a picture of overall health.  Baseline parameters as well as advanced parameters can be evaluated and recommendations will be made based on results. 

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